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'You Will Find Me Under the Heaviest of Blankets' Show at Turntable Gallery


You Will Find Me Under the Heaviest of Blankets’ is a tender, but visceral opening into the experience and impact of a late autism diagnosis. This debut show focuses on finding comfort in what Rachel Carson calls ‘The Edge of the Sea’. The works explore the weight and grief of processing years of feeling hidden under layers of protection, only to have those stripped away, and that which lies beneath, revealed, raw and unflinching. It brings together drawings, embossings, sculptures and writings, which invites you into a profound kinship with rock pools. Extending beyond the physical place, in resonance with these uncovered landscapes. The works are a repetitive manifestation of an inner need to expel what is within via deep pressure and tactile friction. The works process the trauma and grief of living without knowing, it is to be held, comforted and protected by this kinship, where I find and lay bare, who I am from under that weight.

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