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Under the Heaviest of Blankets

Graphite Frottage

55.5 cm x 26cm


It sways, I sway, we sway with an intensity of stormy weather, our waves are crashing on the shore. I reach up to thrash and my hand meets land and I gasp for air from the force of the white horses. I am sinking down through the water as I fall back on to the duvet screwed up on the bed from the thrashing of the swirl.


Hitting the Edge

Graphite Pencil on Tracing Paper

18.9 x 13.5 cm


I stand at the foot of the pools and I feel this sensation flowing through my body, it feels like my body is lighting up. My skin tingles as I lift my arms up, slowly bringing them down, feeling the textures of my clothes and skin. I place them by my sides with my hands pointed outwards; they begin to flap up and down like I am trying to fly without wings. My legs are stuck together and I began to move side to side in a rigid motion. I smile as this electric movement takes over as I move and I am no longer aware of life around me.


Rocky Skin

Transfer Paper

21 cm x 29.7


focus on the shore722.jpg

Focus on the Shore! That F**king Jet-Ski

Transfer Paper

14.8  x 21 cm




Graphite Pencil on tracing Paper

47 x 32 cm


The sea glides back and forth, birthing bubbles which float, move and meet on the surface of the water. The bubbles invade the land, at first slowly but with the power of the tide, Whooooooosh, they flood, tracing the land, finding any space they can infiltrate and settle. The movement is a dance, they find land and stick, as others still haven't met their new home, they glide on by. The oozing of these pockets of air and water as they glide through each pool like they are circulating the body, cold and ticking from within. The pools fizz and cry from relief, they need sustenance, hungry to be replenished, and brought back to life. The bubbles begin to fracture and pop, they deplete, the water settles and covers until it’s time to retreat back to the depths.

insta bbbkes black.jpg

Hidden Beneath the Pressure 

Clay, Paint Wash and Graphite 



Graphite Transfer Paper

29/7 x 21 cm


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